We are the team of Biomedical Engineers. We are the Entrepreneurs. We are Startup Venture. We are one part of Startup India. 

We not only believe in heading towards innovation and manufacturing but we also believe in conducting such activities that will help other students to grow their own venture and startup by contributing technical education. 

We believe that foundation of biggest organisation lies on the shoulder of research and development department, Innovation, flexibility to adopt new method as well as establishing a bridge between industry and social market where this innovation is going to be used to get user friendly product that could have a potential to satisfy the market needs. We believe in the quote that “every Innovation doesn’t requires a duration of years to get obtain, sometimes it is either spontaneous and sometime a long lasting years and decade”. But it is also undeniable fact that with the interaction of fresh young mind of younger one could innovate the things in very defined time, that’s why we wanted to merge this two section to escalate our progress.


We conduct research on innovative Ideas and more particularly on the healthcare and Biomedical sector. We pursue our hobbies and skills of innovation and research to develop a prototypes of innovative ideas. Furthermore, our team work relentless towards converting this prototype to an actual product which could be circulated among the world.

We simply follow the Quote “In the Joy of others lies our own” said by H.H. Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

We innovate the thing and contribute the solution which could be useful to the massive people. Our entire revenue model lies on the foundation on the quote of H.H Pramukhswami Maharaj.

We Believe in order to transform dream of MAKE IN INDIA in to the reality we should must encourage other people by nurturing their talent by internships and training.

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umang suthar

Designated Director

Sarika Chitrodiya

Sarika Chitrodiya

Designated Director

dinesh damodar

Designated Director

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